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     I'm a grown man. When I tell people I love to boondoggle, they look at me funny. I don't know why?!? Another part of my problem is that no one believes I can do ANY boondoggle stitch known to man! When I work with kids at The Park School's Summer Day Camp , or with the kids on my neighborhood street, I keep a small tin, which is filled with examples of my work. I don't sell my work, and I don't accept work made by others. I keep these finished projects for a couple reasons, the first of which is to PROVE that I made them. Another reason I keep them is that kids like to look at examples of different kinds of projects they could do, then I help them to do them.

     On this page, you will find photos of projects I've done in the past. Eventually, I'll have photos of EVERY item I have in my tin, but for now, I'll list a couple. Sometime down the road, you'll also be able to click on the photos and be taken to a page with step by step instructions on how to create your own version!

Reverse Square Combo
The Reverse Square Combo Zipper/Key Chain

Twisted Brick Combo
The Twisted Brick Combo Zipper/Key Chain

Twisted SuperBrick
The Twisted SuperBrick Combo Zipper/Key Chain

Split Brick
The Split Brick/Pony Bead Combo Zipper/Key Chain

Fishy Zipper Pull
A Fishy Zipper Pull

A Cobra Bracelet
A Cobra Bracelet

Seamless Square Bracelet
Seamless Square Bracelet

Rocketship Zipper Pull
A Rocket Ship Zipper Pull

Chain-Link Keychain

Dragonfly Zipper Pull
A Dragonfly Zipper Pull!

Seamless Brick, Beaded Bracelet!

Dragonfly Zipper Pull
This is a 10-Color WALL!

Combo, using Wall, Brick & Twist!

Dragonfly Zipper Pull
Beaded, Circle & Square Bracelet

Fishy, using Twisted Cobra & Square!

Dragonfly Zipper Pull
Braid, using Wall & Circle!

Dragonfly Zipper Pull
Zig-Zag, using Corkscrew & SuperBrick!

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