Where You Can Buy Boondoggle

     You can purchase some form of boondoggle at almost any Arts & Craft's store, including Michael's, JoAnn Fabrics, Guildcraft, Pepperell (Creators of RexLace), or Toner Plastics (Creators of CraftLace).

     As I stated before, I like to use RexLace over CraftLace, because RexLace is a bit thicker than CraftLace and doesn't snap(break) as easily. When buying a Pepperell product, make sure it's RexLace and not PyroLace. PyroLace is a reinforced product that uses a fiber-core. This product is much thicker than RexLace and is harder to work with than RexLace.

     If you're new to boondoggling, and not sure if it's something you'll want to continue doing in the future, then you're better off starting out with a skein or two of boondoggle, instead of a spool. Skeins generally contain 5 or 10 yards of product, whereas you can find spools of 10, 50, or 100 yards of product.

     New 'dogglers might also want to purchase one of numerous "assortment" packs, which will generally include between 4 and 6 skeins of boondoggle, some lanyard hooks, some rings, and sometimes other goodies, like beads, etc. This might be just what a beginner is looking for, or might be just the gift to get someone you think might get a kick out of boondoggling!

     I do a LOT of boondoggling, especially during the summer months. For this reason, I go through a LOT of boondoggle! My FIRST CHOICE for buying is through GuildCraft. They are NOT a store, but a Mail-Order Arts & Crafts Business. You can pick up a 100-yard spool of standard color boondoggle for $1.89 to $1.99 from them, which is a real deal when you consider some stores charge between $1.50 and $2.00 for a 10-yard skein!

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